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 - innovate within pediatric care;
 - build the connective tissue between care a family gets at a hospital and care each member gets from within their community when they're at home; 
 - relieve the physical, emotional, and mental stress each family member is experiencing; and
 - improve local families' quality of life.

We look forward to collaborting with you, and always welcome your ideas and feedback!

As a recurring donor, you'll be one of the bright stars that connect with pediatric medical centers, specialists (i.e., doctors, therapists, Child Life Specialists, social workers, nurses, and others), integrative care providers, and volunteers to form "Constellations of C.A.R.E." for families. 

Your donation shines light into some very dark times these family members experience, and it also spotlights the need to focus on whole health and well-being. Please enter below the amount you'd like to contribute each month. Thank you for considering this partnership with us!