Help Cover Basic Needs for Local Families

Make a donation today and help a local family with a child who has a complex medical condition.

Join us in providing immediate and personalized support to local families with children with complex medical conditions. Due to COVID-19, many families that were already experiencing severe stress, anxiety, and hardship are now also facing food and housing insecurity.  By making a donation today, you can help a local family pay for food, rent, electrical bills, and/or other basic needs. We'll also connect families to additional services, specialists, and organizations in our region.

Be a part of co-creating our new Emergency Food & Rent Fund with us. 

Any amount you give can make the difference between a child having the specific food she/he needs and can tolerate, a parent being able to pay rent and bills, a sibling being able to focus on school work with a full belly...Your actions matter. 100% of the amount you donate through this fund will go to a local family. All donations you and others make during this hard time of COVID-19 will go to this fund. 

Your support enables us to take a community-based, systemic, person-focused, and family-centered approach towards improving the whole health and well-being of the entire family now and over the long-term.

Become a part of this collaborative effort to show how we CAREMake your donation today and #shine!


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