Join us in providing personalized support to local families with children who frequently experience long and unexpected hospital stays, scary and painful medical procedures, and periods of isolation. Having a seriously ill child takes a tremendous toll on a family's dynamics as each family member faces his or her own unique challenges in coping.

Frequent medical appointments, planned or unexpected hospitalizations, and time-consuming in-home care make uphill battles to handle the everyday chores like grocery shopping, preparing meals, and doing laundry even harder.  In families with more than one child, parents and guardians struggle to find time to provide much needed emotional support to their other children. Siblings often miss activities and/or need to take on additional chores. The emotional, mental, physical, and financial stress these families face can be chronic, toxic, and have lasting repercussions.

Your support enables us to take a community-based, systemic, and family-centered approach towards improving the whole health and well-being of the entire family now and over the long-term.

We go to the family—whether their child is at home or in the hospital. With your help, we show them how we CARE as a community. By working together with you and other "stars" (e.g., partners, specialists, and other organizations), we form strong Constellations of CARE that offer support to empower and assist family members individually and as an entire family unit.

Your donation goes toward creating customized Constellation Kits and making compassionate connections for these family members. We work closely with each child’s caregivers (e.g., parents, guardians, and social workers) to design a Constellation Kit tailored to meet the family's particular needs. These kits include items designed to promote relaxation and relieve stress. The connections are to “stars” (e.g., specialists, other non-profits, and government agencies) in the family's community that provide vital long-term support for the health and well-being of the family and each of its members.

Become a part of this collaborative effort to CARE for them. Make your donation today and #shine!

We have a new shining star is our Constellation of CARE. A generous donor will match donations up to $10,000 during our #shine campaign--until December 31st. Donate now to double your impact!

Kierce and Amari are brothers who love to play video games, do puzzles, and read about animals. They both are on the Autism Spectrum and have other medical conditions as well. Having to visit multiple specialists each week, who are located at 3 different medical centers, is stressful, exhausting, and draining on everyone. They and their mom find stress relief in a few rare quiet moments at home, distraction toys during medical procedures, and funds to cover some basic needs. Thank you to all who donated so we could give them a customized Constellation Kit and contribute to their Constellation of Care.

Mom: “Having two special needs children can be strenuous and financially daunting especially with no family support. Eliana’s Light provided many resources and tools to help my family’s situation. Our situation has been less stressful since we received assistance from them. We hope one day to pass the favor along and be a blessing in someone else’s life the way Elianas Light was a blessing in ours.”